The status of each one of your bookings is indicated in your “Bookings” page, here are all of the statuses available on GoFetch:

Pending : Your booking request has been sent to the Sitter. The sitter can either accept or decline this booking.

Accepted: Your booking request has been accepted by the Sitter. The perfect time to do a Meet & Greet!

Awaiting Payment: Click this button ​​to Confirm and pay for your booking

Confirmed : Your booking has been confirmed by the payment made.

Completed : The booking has taken place, now’s a good time to rate/review your sitter.

Expired : The booking request has expired if the start date arrives and the Customer has not Confirmed

Cancelled : You or your sitter has cancelled the booking.

Declined : Unfortunately your sitter has declined your stay. Contact us if you need help finding a suitable sitter, or make a request to another one that is available for your dates.