Here are a couple of tips to make sure your dog guests and their owners are happy with their experience.

  • Take charge - confirm drop off and location with your dog owner as well as their expectations for dog care. If you want to meet a dog owners and dog(s) prior to a stay happening, suggest a meet-and-greet upfront. Make sure you get information about a dog’s routine and schedule (walks per day, eating arrangements, how many hours can a dog be left alone, where does a dog like to sleep, does he have any health problems, who should you contact if there is any incident), it will be good to have and show you are a responsible sitter.

  • Send dog owners pictures and updates about their dog’s stay - owners love to receive news about their pooches and know how everything is going.

  • Thank owners for their business and let them know if you’d be happy to sit again for them.