Book Now is a new feature now in trial in selected areas for sitters that have already completed bookings on GoFetch. 

  • "Book Now" allows you to directly get confirmed stays for your services without having to approve them. It means receiving more bookings, as owners are often looking to sort their plans out immediately. 
  • By offering "Book Now", you will show up higher in the search results. It also means that when an owner “Books now” with you they commit to doing a stay with you and will only have up to 48 hours prior to the start date to cancel for free (versus 5 days for our regular booking request).
  • A “book now” stay is confirmed with you immediately and not shared with other sitters on the GoFetch platform.
  • Your dog guest preferences and maximum guests per service will also apply to "Book Now" so you only receive requests that match your requirements.
  • You can select to only allow repeat owners (that have already completed a booking with you) to be able to “Book now” with you.If you opt-in to only have repeat owners “Book now”, you will not show as a “Book now” sitter for ineligible owners in the search results, thus appearing lower than sitters that allow “Book now” for all users.
  • Keeping your calendar up to date is crucial to not be booked on dates where you are not actually available.

Have a look at our infographic for more details: