1. Receive requests from owners

Dog owners will send sitters requests for their services. You will get to see the stay’s and dog guests information so you can accept or decline the stay based on your preferences.

2. Confirm details with owners

GoFetch allows you to chat securely with dog owners without having to share your email or phone number to discuss the booking request and coordinate stays.

3. GoFetch handles payments

All payments are collected upfront by GoFetch so you never have to worry about chasing payments down or accepting credit cards.

4. Care for pooches

This is the best part! You hang out with dogs and earn money for it and if you have any questions or issues, we’re here to help you succeed with our 7 days a week support team.

5. Get paid

You get paid by GoFetch quickly and securely weekly via secure e-transfers. You take home 82% of all bookings - the other 18% go to providing pet insurance, secure payments and customer support as well as sending dog owners your way.


Have a look at our infographic for more details: