If you have residents dogs, you need to make a profile for each dog in your home. Creating these profiles will give the guest Dog Owner a quirky yet informative introduction to any dogs living under your roof to ensure good matches for your booking requests.

When you click My Bookings, you'll see the My Dogs tab. When you click My Dogs, there is an orange button with the title Add a Dog. When you click the button you can put a headshot, the breed, the size, that age, whether the dog is spayed/neutered, and a description of your lovely pup. The more information, the better!


Once you have finished, it'll show up on the My Booking page. If you have more than one dog, please make a profile for each dog you have. You can preview your listing by clicking Sitter > Edit your Listing > Preview your Listing, and your lovely pup's profile will appear near the bottom page, just below the home description.